So after months and months of saving these hunts in my drafts, I’ve decided to let them see the light and hopefully help everyone else in their edits as much as they’ve helped me. Underneath the cut you’ll find links to 144 GIF Hunts separated into categories and labeled in an easy to find format. Just search for the word you’re looking for and chances are you’ll find something.

The reason why there are only 144 and not 191 links under here the cut are because this includes 47 NSFW GIF Hunts. These all come from NSFW blogs and I’ve included a link to the NSFW masterlist of GIF Hunts at the very bottom with a set of rules. Please abide by those rules as they’re really very simple.

As always, please give this a like or reblog if you found it useful. It really did take me so long to put together and this is one of my own personal resources — meaning I use this list so you can be reassured that it’s quality. I’ll probably continue updating this list later on, but for now, here’s 191. Enjoy!

-Zoey. x

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This was hilarious to me.

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Taylor Swift AU: Dylor/Swiftbrien ♥ [part 1 | 2 | 3]

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Okay so here it is, my 13th character graphic. Since triangles are quite popular at the moment, i wanted to make yet another graphic with some more triangles. My “Melanie" character psd, that includes triangles, is my most popular and downloaded character graphic as well(700+ downloads), so i wanted to make another one similar-ish to it. I don’t know if i like it or not.. ??? The stars/galaxy gif is optional, you don’t need have to have it. Like always, everything is organised and easy to edit. So have fun babes and feel free to add some character traits.

  • One Main Image
  • Three Small Icon Images
  • One Png
  • "Budmo" Font // Download it here.

I made the gradient in the preview, which isn’t included in the psd file, but you can message me if you want it.

Do not redistribute anything in my psd file without asking or including a credit.

Like or reblog is you’re using or planning to use.

If any questions or concerns or maybe even suggestions for my next character graphic, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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As requested by anonymous, under the cut is about #140 MOODBOARD gifs for BITCHY/SARCASTIC characteres. None of this gifs were made by me, and all credits go to their owners. Please like/reblog this post if this helped you or you're using it! queue ]


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taylorswift how I imagine you on Tumblr. 

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"why the fuck am i crying"
literally me during any situation that is slightly emotional (via viserrion)

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dont u fucking talk shit about high school musical

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